Equipment Rentals

In addition to our contracting services, we have available for rent: Electric rotary hammers, electric demolition jack hammers, core drilling rigs, recirculating systems and concrete slab cutting saws. Our staff regularly inspects and maintains every piece of equipment we rent, ensuring it’s up to the job. To ensure you have the right tool for the job, we have experienced staff waiting to help you in your equipment selection process as well as certified mechanics to repair and service your cutting equipment. Please call us today for our very competitive rental rates. Daily, Weekly & Monthly rentals available.

Full Line of Core Drill Bits

Simply the highest quality core bit available. Contains the highest diamond concentration for performance in the most difficult materials.

Carbide Core Bits, Dry Diamond Core Bits, Supreme Diamond Core Bits, Pre-Cast Diamond Core Bits, Granite/Marble Core Bits


Full Line of Diamond Blades

Eastern has a wide selection of Premium Diamond Blades that will ensure that you get the right blade for any application you need it for.

Segmented General Purpose, Walk Behind Asphalt Blades, Walk Behind Concrete Blades, General Purpose Turbo Blades, Tuck Point Blade, Sandwich Tuck Point Blade, Blue Boulette Tuck Point Blades, Ductile Iron Blades


Full Line of Core Drilling Rigs

Our combination rig includes a combination anchor/vacuum base, mast, carriage, control panel, vacuum pump, ceiling jack, motor mount plate.

Complete Core Drilling Systems, 2 Speed Handheld Core Drills, 3 Speed Handheld Core Drills,


Full Line of Drilling Accessories

View Eastern’s full line of drilling accessories for all different types of core drilling rigs.

Extension Bars, Reducer Couplings, Spindle Wrenches, Water Tanks, Step Up Coupling, Shanks & more.