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    Our Commercial Saw Cutting Pros can cut through it all. Concrete Sawing for roads & highways – HVAC & Retail Trenching – Concrete Pour Back & More!

    Slab Sawing, Wire Sawing, Wall Sawing & Hand Sawing. Find out why we are the #1 Concrete Cutting Contractors from NYC to Long Island and beyond. We have over 50 years of experience.

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    Commercial Concrete Sawing Services

    NYC’s #1 Commercial Concrete Cutting Company 

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    Need professional concrete sawing services for commercial, retail, government or industrial  construction sites? We Do Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing, Wire Sawing and Hand Sawing. We Provide Concrete Cutting, Breaking and Sawing for Commercial, Retail, Government & Industrial Construction Projects.

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     Eastern Cutting Corp. – Concrete Cutting & Breaking Contractors

    We are a commercial concrete cutting and sawing contractor employing the most experienced team to provide superior concrete saw cutting services on commercial, retail, government and industrial construction jobsites.

     We Do All Kinds of Commercial Concrete Saw Cutting, Breaking & Patching.

    No Job Too Big.

    Whether your commercial or retail business needs professional concrete sawing services for plumbing & electrical trenching, retail trenching, concrete pour back, or slab sawing to level concrete floors for industrial spaces, Eastern Cutting does it right. 

    Commercial Concrete Wall Sawing Services

    Wall sawing is one of the cornerstone concrete cutting services we offer. We use wall sawing when creating openings through reinforced concrete walls and slabs in commercial and industrial buildings.

     Common applications for our concrete wall cutting services include:

    • Various HVAC applications, including wall cutting for ventilation purposes

    • Creating openings through reinforced concrete walls and slabs

    • Precision cuts in any vertical or horizontal concrete structure with steep inclines

    Commercial Slab Sawing Services

    Concrete Slab sawing is used for cutting horizontal surfaces, like concrete slabs, reinforced concrete floors and bridge decks; as well as roof and floor decks in big industrial buildings and warehouses. The applications for concrete saw cutting are virtually endless and can be performed on a variety of  concrete structures, including slab sawing for the construction of structural foundations. Recent construction projects using our slab sawing services include:

    • Cutting plumbing and electrical trenches in concrete slabs

    • Highway patching and repairs

    • Cutting expansion and control joints  

    • Concrete Pour Back 

    Commercial Wire Sawing Services 

    By using the latest concrete wire sawing and advanced concrete cutting techniques, Eastern Concrete’s skilled saw operators easily slice through walls and slabs of any thickness. Wire sawing is used on large concrete structures, and cuts through heavily reinforced concrete, hard metals, steel, or even rock.

    Common applications for wire sawing include:

    • Large slabs of reinforced concrete

    • Bridges

    • Piers

    • And much more.

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