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Eastern Cutting Corp. Featured in Concrete Openings Article

Eastern Cutting Corp. was featured in Concrete Openings Article, "Brooklyn-Queens Expressway" Posted on March 9th, 2017 Diamond Cutter Provides Access for Critical Inspections of Aging Roadway A general contractor in New York was recently tasked with the in-depth inspection of the Brooklyn—Queens Expressway’s (BQE) triple cantilever bridge as part of ...

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Need Concrete Cutting Services? Don’t DIY

Just because you can rent a diamond core drill and demolish that dilapidated concrete structure on your new rental property—doesn’t mean that you should.  First of all, it’s probably not even the right tool for the job. As professional contractors and concrete cutters, we can handle any job. Power tools ...

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Eastern Cutting Corp. Featured in Brooklyn Paper Article

Eastern Cutting Corp. was featured in Brooklyn Paper Article, "City cuts open BQE, finds it has 10 years to live" Posted on November 2nd, 2016 This is the inside scoop! The city must start fixing the crumbling three-tiered section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway soon, or else it will need to ...

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As part of our continuation of improving service for our customers, Eastern has partnered with the leading concrete scanning company in the Tri-State area, CityScan Corp. Because locating embedded and buried hazards prior to concrete cutting, coring, breaking and excavating is an essential part in establishing a safe and cost effective construction site.