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Why Use Professional Concrete Cutting Services

Need Concrete Cutting Services? Don’t DIY

Just because you can rent a diamond core drill and demolish that dilapidated concrete structure on your new rental property—doesn’t mean that you should.  First of all, it’s probably not even the right tool for the job.

As professional contractors and concrete cutters, we can handle any job. Power tools don’t just look and sound cool, they are cool. There’s no denying that you feel, well, powerful, guiding a demolition robot through a slab of concrete, watching it smash through stone like a masher through hot, buttery potatoes.

But they don’t call concrete cutting difficult work because it’s play. No my friends, it’s a job that should be left to trained professionals – not to your well intentioned brother-in-law who knows a guy, not to your differently skilled laborers, and not to you…unless of course you are a concrete cutter by trade.

You and your entire crew will be much better off, much safer, and much more efficient doing the jobs that you do so well while subcontracting out concrete cutting to concrete cutting professionals.

Advantages Of Using Professional Concrete Cutting Services:

It’s safer – The concrete contractors at Eastern Cutting are trained professionals; we are experts in our field. We are OSHA certified, we regularly attend enhanced safety meetings, and we are job hazard analysts.

It’s efficient – Concrete workers perform any number of tasks—from slab sawing to wire cutting to robotic demolition and more— cutting down on time to project completion and getting the job done right.

It’s smarter – What is saving a few dollars on a project if it never gets done, or if a member of your team is injured? There’s no need to cut corners when Eastern Cutting has all your concrete cutting needs covered!


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As part of our continuation of improving service for our customers, Eastern has partnered with the leading concrete scanning company in the Tri-State area, CityScan Corp. Because locating embedded and buried hazards prior to concrete cutting, coring, breaking and excavating is an essential part in establishing a safe and cost effective construction site.