What is Selective Robotic Demolition?

Selective robotic demolition, also know as partial demolition, is tiring and time consuming work regardless of conditions on the job site.  Now imagine that project requires the demolition of multiple concrete structures inside of a confined space—with no room for needed equipment—and a tight deadline.  When facing this kind of pressure demolition professionals turn to robots.

Selective robotic demolition is the superior solution for interior concrete removal.

Demolition robots are basically miniature excavators minus the cabs. Instead, they operate on tracks, and have hydraulic or electric powered arms to which drills, crushers, breakers, or other necessary parts are attached. Operators control demolition robots remotely, maneuvering the machine into tight, confined spaces where humans can’t go. Robotic demolition is one of the safest methods of concrete removal.

Selective & Robotic Demolition Experience

Eastern Cutting provides partial demolition services with robots to prepare structures for reconstruction.  Robotic demolition is the answer to your indoor demolition needs.

Common Applications for Robotic Demolition:

  • Concrete floors
  • Concrete walls
  • Masonry walls
  • Precast floors, walls, and roofs
  • Concrete pads

Advantages of Robotic Demolition:

  • Robotic demolition provides unparalleled operator safety because the machine is controlled remotely.
  • Robotic demolition increases efficiency and productivity, especially in confined spaces, where hand removal is the only alternative method.
  • With robotic demolition—air quality is never affected—because there’s no emission of harmful exhaust fumes.
  • Restricted access is never an issue because robots go where humans cannot.
  • Robotic arms accommodate a wide variety of attachments—from grapples and digging buckets to drills and concrete cutters.

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